• Jackie Simmons

We Are Humans

(We are humans…)

Created to love, share, and connect,

What do you gain from a that?

A wave like vibration that produces a sensation,

That leads to a nation…

Days… can be long,

Nights filled with an aching song,

But one instance of connection,

Can instantaneously change the direction,

Of who we are, is to be,

A team, a group a squad, a crew,

A pride, alliance (of lions), the mighty troop,

We all chose to be apart,

But God designs his art.

His connection with us, builds connections with in us,

Every day is an adventure,

The day you see a frown turn to a smile,

Is the day you remember the why and how…

Dozens of different backgrounds,

That lie around this campground…

Not a simple orientation,

We want transformation,

Let’s take this conversation,

And turn it into God’s powerful liberation,

We muster are faith,

With hope that we’re assured that what we do is right,

That every kid can become a light,

And God because delighted in how His plans become good and right,

Teen, we say this to you,

Because we have experienced the change,

The change of your second, minute,

Hour, day, month, year, your life,

The change is unbelievable, the change is with you,

The change is with God, it’s up to you, to make it true

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