• Jackie Simmons

my dragon 🐲

strips of red and orange with glimmers of gold catch my eye.

so consuming my mind can’t help but feel paralyzed.

as the flame surrounds my body, it places its focus on the heart.

where warmth is felt, is when pain and worry seem far.

the motion of the heat makes me feel like i’m flying.

it has taken my heart and made it feel electrifying.

the creator of this sensation is something so complex.

they simply are perfect, it doesn’t matter what happens next.

as i lay in the arms of this wonderful creature

the puzzle pieces click.

the story is being written, the shoe flawlessly fits.

holding the key to my heart, it grows more and more every day.

pushing me to live life fully,

while i continuously have something that loves me in every way.

people may ask how does it feel, but trying to describe it, words could never fulfill.

you feel everything at once and your stomach starts to flutter.

an emotion that is like no other.

love is like a fire igniting within,

emerging from a dragon that has now become my person.

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