• Jackie Simmons

mother nature


The gardener buys a plant.

She gets the plant because she wants the plant

She has the plant and starts to love the plant.

Gives it water and food.

Protects it from anything that could

harm or hurt it.

The plant takes in these items

It grows and grows and grows

sometimes pausing in between

but continues growing up stream

the gardener slips up sometimes

forgetting to water at the right time

but sometimes the plant finds it’s way

they find the water and food because they remembered what the gardener said.

The gardener is like a mother nurturing her child

And the plant resembles the child.

Mothers give unconditional love.

They protect you from the worst

and help you when you make mistakes

As a child you are in awe of your mother

her ability to do everything and manage to give a 100% percent of her love

when i was young, my mother showed me the world

when i was young, my mother saw me as a beautiful girl

——and grew me into the young woman i am today

she fed me strength, she fed me love, she fed me wisdoms, and she fed me all of her.

A woman with many tasks but never would forget the task of being my mother

I remember nights where i cried and my mother just held me

I remember days where i was mad and my mother just listened

i remember long days of laughing and smiling while the sun hit our faces

all those moments were the moments of my growth.

You were my gardener and now I want to be your gardener back.

Let me nurture you as you have.

love, your plant

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