• Jackie Simmons


i am that brown skin girl

you are that brown skin girl

we are that brown skin girl

whether we grew up in the country or the city

every black girl wants to be told that they are pretty

not seeing on the screen someone who looks like you, can make you feel like your world will never accept you

but that’s where you are wrong, just know your bound to

change the world

that brown skin girl is more than one thing

she is multifaceted, ready to flap her wings

we grew up differently, but deal with the same struggles

we all strive for success and can achieve if we believe

it’s important to understand that people may just not see

they may not see you for you because all they see is ur skin but trust me that wont hinder you from gaining a win

that brown skin girl will grow into a queen, a queen that will understand knowledge is everything

the key to this message is for black woman to understand their worth, that they understand they were meant to be on this earth.

too many times have we pushed each other down, but now more than ever we have to come together

the list can go on for reasons why black woman are the prototype.

we are the blueprint on how a woman should be, we exceed limits that you can’t physically see.

Black is strong.

i remember nights when i couldn’t sleep and I would come downstairs and my mom was up late working despite working all day.

she worked until her work was finished.

no breaks because she understood her position.

as a black woman you have to work twice as hard just so that u can be noticed at all.

i watch black woman work tirelessly to get what they want.

the world needs to understand that they are the definition of strong .

Black is beautiful.

Other girls put on makeup, get a tan just to have my skin.

they like the richness and know they can’t have it within.

so the outside appearance is what they go for, just another way to take away what is not yours.

whether it is dark like the vast midnight sky or lighter like the yellow sun rays, black skin shines.

other people’s preference is overrated, only you say what you want for yourself, set your standard and that’s personal wealth.

look in the mirror and say you are one of a kind, that there is no one like you and there is a reason why.

Be your authentic self and you will go far, thats important in becoming who you are.

Black is excellence.

We started it all. If you took away all the things black people invited, the world wouldn’t have made it very far.

Don’t count us out, when you need us in bc we built a lot of what y’all are using.

if we want to become a pediatrician who helps kids around the world or a petroleum engineer who gives back to underprivileged communities or an actress who produces her own films that promote black stories, then WE CAN and WE WILL.

notice how those occupations weren’t just one word, like engineer, accountant because like i said before we are so much more.

we can achieve anything we set our minds to and never settle for less.

and we can do it in a pants suit or a sake fifth avenue dress.

Black is resilient.

we are still living this thing called life.

with its ups and downs and constant strifes.

but as black woman we embody this word.

resilience is in our dna, it’s already learned.

the list goes on to show how we are the most under appreciated people and everyone knows.

because everyone does it.

in history, their is more talk about dr. king, malcom X, and Rev. Jackson than there is about the impactful black woman such as

Amy Ashwood Garvey, a founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association

advocated for the rights and freedom of black people while standing on crowded street corners in Harlem

she held nothing back, hitting the nail on the realism of white supremacy and reading poetry, such as

We wear the mask that grins and lies,

It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes,—

This debt we pay to human guile;

With torn and bleeding hearts we smile,

black woman of history that we may never know but still persisted because they ran their own show.

people just need to turn the channel and see with their own eyes that black woman have been working since the end of times.

never discredit our work bc of our appearance

because sooner or later we will make much more than you will ever witness.

Black is confidence.

Whenever we walk into the room, everyone stares. whether they are staring for the right or wrong reasons, you really shouldn’t care.

because we serve looks naturally and a black girl with confidence is a black girl that is on top.

we created the game and everyone is living in it and we are unapologetically black and that’s how we feeling it.

black woman glow,

every person we encounter is impacted by us because we effect them by leaving our mark.

don’t do yourself a disservice by not having confidence because from personal experience you loose your potential.

at 18 years of age, i didn’t realize my worth til a couple months ago.

it took me too long and lost so many opportunities

but with all that said i know it’s not easy, not every girl grows up supported. us queens need our breaks, mental illness is real and don’t let therapy go to waste.

Confidence is different for everyone and you can’t compare your journey to anyone elses.

Black is community.

one of my favorite quotes from my favorite actress/ producer/ director is “im rooting for everybody black”

when issa rae said that, she meant that when someone in the black community achieves something, we ALL achieve something.

the sisterhood amongst black woman should be tight and close knit, so when one falls we all naturally hold hands and lift!

In the end, we are all black and trying to get ahead, it’s better together, than alone sitting by yourself instead.

no one will understand you more than like another black woman will, and the benefits of friendship and mentor ship will affect you foreal.

Black is so many things, I can’t come close to describing it all

when we were put on this earth, people weren’t ready for what they had saw. so they boxed us in cages figuring that would probably solve

the problem at hand was boxing us in, bc then you saw what you had missed.


always has been and always will

i just gave you multiple reasons why we win in every season.

as black woman, they tried to silence us,

but we deserve the world and nothing less

so never settle and never stress

now is the time to be WHO YOU ARE

because we are the best.

plays brown skin girl music.

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