• Jackie Simmons


Black is bold

You can’t deny it

Black Sharpie is used to make something bold

Not yellow, not white, not orange, not purple

Because it’s bold

It stands for power and it stands for sharpness and a deep richness

And just like that sharpie

We are bold

the race that is so strong yet made so inferior

has everything to offer

A race so beautifully enhanced

by God’s hands with an abundance of love

is cultivated by this manifested in each and everyone of us.

To know that our skin is a one of a kind work of art

it should never be laughed at or teased at

only awed and delighted by

for black people of all shades are a force that stuns the world. People who think differently are the ones trapped in this swirl.

For many years we see our people struck down by

opposites because of the difference

Malcolm C

Rosa Parks

Sojourner Truth

Nelson Mandela

W. E. B. Su Boise

Harriet Tubman

and the man himself...

Martin Luther King Jr.

they fought for our skin

they love our skin

they know our skin is priceless

and as history tell ur best our skin was kept from the world. Our skin was trapped by the world

Our skin was useless to this world

but I know I know

Black is beautiful... Black is brave... Black is bold.

All the years, we thought we weren’t.

Now we know. We know our worth. And we know there is a reason why we are here and we are meant to be brilliant leaders of the world.

It becomes and unstoppable dream.

Hate is for the weak and only is a sinking hole of resentment.

and God said love all.

So.. my Africa american skin is beautiful, just in the way her caucasian skin is beautiful

or his latino skin is beautiful

or their Indian skin is beautiful

Let me put it this way.

We are beautiful because of God’s creation!

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