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About Me

I began my first passion of theatre in 2016, when I focused solely on perfecting my craft as an actress. Over the years, I have gained more interests and experience to help build me into a well- rounded artists that enjoys expressing herself creatively. This is my personal online portfolio showcasing my different passions that are apart of who I am today. I like to think of myself as an ambitious person who loves taking risks and exploring new things and people everyday. My goal is to start my own Production company that focuses solely on telling stories about Minority Women. I want an ALL female team that works towards producing content for younger generations and old. What better person to do it than me. Cartoons for young black girls where they see themselves and dramas for women that don't make them out to be the villain or the side character.  As a creative, you are agreeing to putting your life on display and being vulnerable. I want to do what I love with the people I love and for the people I love. Rather than always talking about the talents and hobbies that I have, I created this website to showcase it.

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